Here Comes the Summer

Exploding Hearts, Busy Signals, The Boys and Undertones on Earth Patrol

Actually, summer is here and along with it, we have some warm weather appropriate sounds just for you. This week’s YouTube Tuesday features Chicago’s Busy Signals, Portland’s Exploding Hearts, London’s The Boys and Derry’s Undertones. Check out all the upbeat, bouncing about the room tunes after the turn. EPM “pogo a go-go” Out!

Busy Signals – Just Wanna Go Out

Busy Signals – Ring Ring Ring

Busy Signals – Patterns

Exploding Hearts Live – Part 1

Exploding Hearts Live – Part 2

Exploding Hearts – Modern Kicks

The Boys – Terminal Love

The Boys – Brickfield Nights

The Boys – Sick On You

The Undertones – Here Comes the Summer

The Undertones – There Goes Norman

2 Responses to “Here Comes the Summer”

  • Czech out Keyboard player Here comes the summer. Very Good.

  • love The Boys always…remember the cool Undertones promo for My Perfect Cousin that had the great/cheap football elements like Subbuteo and all the little Mott the Hoople kids from Derry?

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