Summer Skate Econo

2008 Portland Skate Camps

Portland Parks and Rec. is sponsoring a whole slew of skate camps and activities. The prices are super reasonable and your skater gets access to some of the best skateparks on the planet. Here is the 411 on the camps:

6 Responses to “Summer Skate Econo”

  • They get access to some of the best skateparks, and some of the worst. Gresham, Oregon City, Salem, Beaverton? Why not Hood River, Vancouver, Battle Ground, Woodland, Aumsville, McMinnville, West Linn? The locations seem odd to me. I applaud the program and I’m sure the kids will have a great time, but I’m just wondering where the choice of parks comes from.

  • People who don’t actually skate. These locations are tentative, and are pretty much going to change. Skate camp at burnside? Come on…

  • Well, Burnside might not be, uh, welcoming, but at least it’s legendary. The kids would probably think it was cool, even if they couldn’t figure out how to skate it. The looks on the locals faces when that van rolls up will be priceless. Salem? Good to hear that the locations are flexible.

  • Yeah, Salem is a real maneater. I can’t go for that, no can do. And Gresham? Wowzers.

  • I hope they don’t plan on rolling up and stopping everyone else from skating, because that’s what they’re going to have to do to really teach kids to learn how to skate safely at popular parks.

  • Maybe they are talking about the Gresham Park that is slated to go into main city park this summer. I couldnt imagine that any one would drive past the existing Gresham spot let alone actually purposefully go there, unless just to point an laugh, lol.

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