Do You Want One of These?

Backyard Bowl

On this Foto-Friday, we would like to pose a question to our readership: How many of you want or know someone that would be willing to put a skate bowl in their backyard? This week’s photos are from a recent backyard bowl session. Imagine having one of these babies in your own yard. Backyard bowls for everyone!

Trevor - BS Grind @ Backyard Bowl

Trevor – BS Grind

Matt - BS Smith @ Backyard Bowl

Matt – BS Smith

MC - FS Grind Hip @ Backyard Bowl

MC – FS Grind Hip

Jose - FS Grind @ Backyard Bowl

Jose – FS Grind

Matt - Board Slide to Fakie @ Backyard Bowl

Matt – Board Slide to Fakie

Colin - Rock-n-Roll @ Backyard Bowl

Colin – Rock-n-Roll

MC - FS Air @ Backyard Bowl

MC – FS Air

15 Responses to “Do You Want One of These?”

  • That’s the fantasy… As soon as I get a yard figuring out the private skate bowl is what will happen. The GF says she’s cool with it to so it’s on. Still a year or two away unfortunately.

  • Glad you guys made it down there. That thing is fun as hell to skate. It almost makes building one in my own back yard do-able. My wife doesn’t think it would help the resale value of our home.

  • Duh. Allow me to elaborate. DUH! Who wouldn’t want a perfect skate pool in their backyard!? I think about it all the time. I even have a backyard, but it’s too small and already dominated by my wife’s hobby, gardening (and don’t think I haven’t tried the “koi pond” argument…). If/when we ever move, room for a ramp or bowl is on my list.

    I do have a question: When these guys build the pools in their yard, are they set up as swim-able pools so that when they sell, or it’s just wicked hot out, it can be used that way? To Patrick’s point, chances of selling your house to a vert skater would seem to be fairly slim (are there realtors that specialize in skateable yards?).

    You and MC are killing me with these shots of perfect backyard sessions! I guess I’ll just have to settle for Glenhaven, or maybe Pier. Haven’t been to Holly in a while, though. Vancouver and BG are fun, too. What a pain having to make these skatepark decisions while guys are grinding out back before breakfast! How lucky are we, anyway?

  • Nice snub nose Conahan! Did you get out the old skillsaw?

    If you really had trouble selling your house, demolishing a bowl like that is a lot cheaper and quicker than building it. You could do it yourself really cheap or have the cost written into the sale of the house.

    You could do the whole thing in a weekend. Rent a cement cutter for a day (about $150 last time I did) and cut up the bottom a bunch and pry it loose with a prybar. This way water will drain. Then break off the first couple feet from the coping down and throw it in the bottom. Break up the side walls with a sledgehammer or two, maybe some chisels. Use the pry bar again to break up large sections. The most expensive part will be the dirt to fill in the hole.

  • i own the yard space but dont have the money for one right now, so we are gettin two donated miniramps.

  • whare the hell is that?

  • those guys are mostly from salem, so im guessing its there.

  • Its near a 7-11

  • i think its in idaho actually. i was there that day.

  • Dude, you told me we were in Anchorage, Alaska.

  • The Circle K with a fone booth in the Parking lot.

  • Destroying the thing IS the easy part. The last place I lived we creted a little tighty in the small yard. When the lease was up and we had to get rid of it the demo took two guys with sledgeys four hours. If you dig half and build up half then you don’t have to worry about fill.

  • Email me if anyone in AZ has done this….I’d like a quote from someone with experience.


    Mesa, AZ area

  • Where was lambright?

  • i’ll take a number 4 with cheese and no pickles please. and make that a diet ma’am, im trying to watch the figure.

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