Blame It On Rio

Bruno Passos - 2008 Trifecta

This year’s Trifecta included some new faces, case in point, Bruno Passos. Talk about some seriously smooth style, Bruno has it. In addition to taking top honors at the Lincoln City stop, Bruno skated his heart out the entire series and the crowd was digging it. Check out some of Bruno’s antics in the gallery and we hope he includes the 2009 Trifecta in his skate plans for next year. Vivo Bruno!

2 Responses to “Blame It On Rio”

  • He did some amazing things in the Big bowl of LC. Super long hurricanes and board slides. Super style. I was wondering if the judges could even see his lines from up there. Glad they did and he took it. Cheers to Bruno, a great addition to this years Trifecta!

  • Bruno was on fire at LC. Nice shots!

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