Tags Be Gone

Vancouver Tag Removal

Earlier this week, a few of us went up to Vancouver to help remove tags from their new skatepark. Around 100 different tags had to be removed before the soft opening on Friday. MC, Doug, Shawn, Rich and the local contract crew spent the better part of two days working on tag removal alone. Here are a few pics from the clean-up effort along with our reward session for helping out.

MC and Rich surrounded by tags (photo – Shawn Reinert)

MC and Rich - Surrounded by Tags @ Vancouver

MC and Rich showing those tags who’s boss (photo – Shawn Reinert)

MC and Rich - Scrub Tags @ Vancouver

Rune G. scouting out the park prior to opening

Rune - Scouting the Capsule @ Vancouver

Shawn – FS air over the temporary stairs

Shawn - FS Air over Stairs @ Vancouver

MC – Following Shawn’s lead does a fs air over the stairs as well

MC - FS Air over Stairs @ Vancouver

Shawn – FS Air

Shawn - FS Air @ Vancouver

MC – FS Air

MC - FS Air @ Vancouver

MC striking a pose to let taggers know that they are not welcome

MC - Taggers Not Welcome Pose @ Vancouver

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