Move Over GVK

Rick and Mark - Video Junkies

It’s great to see folks exploring their own creative endeavors. Case in point, Rick “Mac” Macdonald and Mark “MC” Conahan. Like our good friend GVK, the video bug has bitten and now they are fully infected. Check out a few of their recent creations along with links to more of their material. EPM, ah ha, zinger out!

2 Days in February mod from Mac on Vimeo.

See more of Rick’s videos on the EPM Network

Shane Bell Skates Pier Park from MC on Antigravity Press.

See more of Mark’s videos on MC’s Video Shorts

6 Responses to “Move Over GVK”

  • MC- love the effect of the still camera…you are onto something here…

  • I agree, Brad. There’s something very unique and, well, atmospherically accurate(?) about MC’s videos. Mesmerizing.

  • Those are great guys!!

    I’ve messed around a bit latley with the Vimeos.

    Not any good at it, but it’s a ton of fun to mess around
    with movie maker.

    Enjoyed those videos, and thanks for linking em Rich!

    Tyler, and I did a few minutes of video, at the new Winston park.
    And a short run at Myrtle Creek.

    C-mon down soon, and roll these parks with us guys!!

    My Vimeo stuff

  • Ohhhh, okay I have met you before Mac, sick videos guys!

  • Yeah, Rich out-ed me!

  • Larry, that Winston park looks fun. Nice skating and video. Hope to head down that way as soon and skate with all you folks.

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