Strings to Synth

Strings to Synth - YouTube Tuesday for October 27, 2009

On this week’s installment of YouTube Tuesday, we feature a mix of bands that span the strings to synthesizer spectrum. Thanks to KEXP in Seattle for the great studio clips and to Mr. Shawn Fendick for the tip on Devil Makes Three. Check them out along with the Vaselines, Love Is All, and Au Revoir Simone after the turn.

Devil Makes Three – “Gracefully Facedown”

Devil Makes Three – “Aces and Twos”

The Vaselines – “Jesus Don’t Want Me For a Sunbeam” (Nirvana Version)

The Vaselines – “Molly’s Lips” (Nirvana Version)

Love Is All – “From the Corner” and “Dust”

Au Revoir Simone – “Sad Song”

Au Revoir Simone – “Fallen Snow”

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