Pick Your Poison: LC4 Benefit

Light and Dark LC 4 Benefit T-Shirts by Mark Conahan

In recognition and support of the Lincoln City Skatepark, we have created a t-shirt in honor of the recent snake run addition. All proceeds from the sales of these shirts go directly to offsetting costs related to the snake run. Dreamland and the local skaters have donated a lot of time, materials and money to make this snake run a reality. Support their efforts and buy a shirt or two. Every little bit counts and it goes directly to one of the gnarliest parks and most dedicated crews on the planet.

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Special thanks to Dreamland crew, the LC locals, MC for the rad art and Craig Conahan for helping with production. See some shirt color samples after the turn…

LC4 Benefit Shirts by Mark Conahan

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4 Responses to “Pick Your Poison: LC4 Benefit”

  • I don’t blog or chat or whatever this is. But, I just wanted to say that it’s awesome what you guys are doing and the Lincoln City posse appreciates it. We are going to keep on building till there is no more room. And we will get another park going on the other side of town. Wear your helmets in the snake run, it’s ridiculously fast. I just bought one. Thanks again.

  • Mark S. now has a reason for being crazy,after his skull crushing life flight. The problem with this being the reason for Marks craziness is it’s 30yrs after the fact of him actually being crazy. Rest up Mark let your self heal this time, this one counts.

  • Right on, Bobcat. Thanks for the support. Looking forward to Sleestock 2008. It’s going to be a hoot.

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