T-Minus 20 Years: Ohio Skateout

1988 Ohio Skateout

If you were in the Midwest and you skated, chances are that you went to at least one of the Ohio Skateout events in Dayton, Ohio during the 80’s. If not, you’re in luck, because we now have the technology to take you back to 1988 and that year’s edition of the event. Check out a few snapshots from that day along with a full length video after the turn.

Gallery – 1988 Ohio Skateout

See if you can identify Danforth, Gator, Gonz, Grosso, Hosoi, Jinx and more in the gallery.

Video – 1988 Ohio Skateout

Ohio Skateout 1988 – Part 1

Ohio Skateout 1988 – Part 2

Ohio Skateout 1988 – Part 3

Ohio Skateout 1988 – Part 4

Ohio Skateout 1988 – Part 5

Ohio Skateout 1988 – Part 6

Ohio Skateout 1988 – Part 7

6 Responses to “T-Minus 20 Years: Ohio Skateout”

  • Rich, you may be going through a mid life crisis.

  • Nah, just found an old box with some old photos. The mid-life crisis has done gone and went. 🙂

  • That was the year I missed it! I did watch the video a million times though, Ohio has a great scene.

  • I cant believe that all that footage and ripping was going down just as i was being born.

    I liked the nose manual pivot on the bank and footplants.

    Was mongo not hated on as hard back then? Or was it really just didn’t matter because it was still skateboarding?

  • So this would have been the second year for this event. The first was a pro demo and an amateur contest. Look how packed the stands were. Jyme George really knew how to throw an event. He used to bring Rob Dyrdek to contests in illinois when he was a little kid and everyone called him mini-shred.

  • i was there and kele rosecrans should have won

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