Taylor Made

Monday Cover Vol. 3 Issue 38 - Jeff Taylor

The 2009 edition of the Oregon Trifecta is set to go down this weekend and sessions are heating up. This week’s Monday Cover skater, Jeff Taylor, is fine tuning his lines in preparation for Sunday’s Pier Park stop. Jeff has a big bag of tricks and we captured a few for your viewing pleasure. Check out all the pics after the turn and be sure to come on out to Pier on Sunday for what is sure to be a great day of skateboarding.

Congratulations Jeff!

Click on an image for a larger view.

Jeff Taylor - Tuck Knee Invert @ Pier Park

Proper tuck knee invert

Jeff Taylor - BS Tail Grab Air @ Pier Park

Tail grab with style. This was the alternate image for the cover photo.

Jeff Taylor - BS One-Footed Tail Grab Air @ Pier Park

Upping the difficulty with a one-footer

Jeff Taylor - Air to Fakie @ Pier Park

Tucking an air-to-fakie

Jeff Taylor - Indy Air @ Pier Park

Tuck Indy

Jeff Taylor - Mute Air @ Pier Park

Mute in orbit

Jeff Taylor - Method Air @ Pier Park

Full frame of cover shot

15 Responses to “Taylor Made”

  • Holy crap. Dude’s getting better there every week. Nice job on the shots and the skating. Good luck on Sunday, Jeff.

    Things are already getting interesting at Tigard and, I assume, Pier, with rippers coming in for the Trifecta. Will be a crazy week at all the parks I think.

  • Wow! Wish I could be there… Friday is in Lincoln City, right?

  • Glad to skate with Taylor again he is good. Taylor Made is golf clubs when will you get sued.

  • it is rad to be skating with jeff again on a regular basis. I used to skate with him a lot when I first moved to Oregon, he always impressed me. He has been making a huge comeback by skating as much as possible. congrats.

  • Yowza! I know i say that a lot, but Yowza! Nice shots, nice ripping! Splendid Eye Torture!

  • The only eye torture is the jean shorts….

  • jorts.

  • Sick! Great shots too! Are you using an off camera strobe?

  • Killing it! Skater and Photos…

  • Yep, two flashes. Both at 45 degrees converging on the subject.

  • rad shots! how much $ are flash(s)?

  • Colin, the cost really depends on the flash you buy and how you want to use them(i.e. remotely tigger, etc….) I use Nikon bodies and try to use Nikon flashes, although not the most economical. For these shots, I used two flashes each with a slaved pocket wizard for tiggering and another pocket wizard on camera as the master. Flashes and triggers all together are in the neighborhood of $900. That’s a ballpark figure.

  • sweet, looks like i need to find a job, thanks. see u at trifecta. shred on

  • Ya, taylor! Super rad to see, jeff’s always been a session stoker. He should come skate the drw bowl.

  • BIG AIR TAYLOR! ode to avery park!

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