Good For What Ails You

Battle Ground Skatepark

Economy got you down? Is seasonal affective disorder getting the best of you? We have the perfect cure. Some sunshine, a skateboard and a bit of concrete. Check out Ty, Marvin, MC and Grover keeping their woes at bay during a recent session at Battle Ground.

Battle Ground Skatepark

Also, check out a few photos of Marvin and Grover in The Columbian’s daily photo gallery.

5 Responses to “Good For What Ails You”

  • That last shot is cool. makes it look like a completely different place. Good eye Rich. Now enough of the fly outs.

  • Landed that airwalk, skanks. Marty and myself are on the columbian gallery page, I love local news it somehow means more to me than national stuff.

  • That was a great day. Short pants weather, skated that session at Battle Ground and then the miniramp with five different singles and groups in succession. Hours and hours of skateboarding.

  • that was a good time, you guys are even more cool in real life

  • hey rich, normally my baldnesses get fotoshopped out of my pictures before they get posted (some people think i have dreadlocks) i should have told you

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