Session This! Mark Conahan

Session This! Mark Conahan

Get the low-down on Mark Conahan along with some of his favorite music on this week’s installment of Session This!. Read Mark’s comments and listen to the show after the turn….

I Like Food – Descendents
…teenage girls with ketchup too. Get out of my way or I’ll eat you.

Black Noise – The Bangkok Five
I heard this on a Black Label video trailer, it went really well with
the rad skating.

Mr. T
When punks start hassling decent people, I make it my business.

Systematic – Mad Capsule Markets
A japanese band that I first heard on one of the Tony Hawk’s Pro
Skater soundtracks. Believe it or not most of the lyrics in this song
are in english. One of my daughters’s friends described their music
as “just white noise with a beat.”

Police Story – Ice T
Amazing Black Flag cover. They should have put this song on the Body
Count record.

Just to Get Away – Poison Idea
Amazing Portland band. I saw these guys in a basement or two. A
couple early band members trashed a house we were renting the night
before we moved out. They were sometimes called “the world’s heaviest
punk band.” The band collectively weighed 1300 lbs. at one point. Tom
Pig Champion died in 2006.

12xu – Wire
One of my favorite records. Minor Threat covered this tune but the
original is much more of an alien artifact.

Stand Up – Minor Threat
I liked the idea of straight-edge, that someone was willing to make a
personal ethical commitment but I never felt like it was something I
had to follow. I liked the music a lot.

Pay to Cum – Bad Brains
My friend Tom had this record. Everyone’s favorite hardcore song.
What an amazing athletic achievement. I wish I could skate like these
guys play.

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