Every Day is Go Skate Day

Foto-Friday for June 22, 2007

Now what are we supposed to do? Go Skate Day 2007 has past and there are 364 more days until Go Skate Day 2008. How about we make every day go skate day? Anyone, anyone??? Well, while you ponder the idea, enjoy this week’s Foto-Friday skaters: Cody, Stefan, Kevin, Britney and MC. See how they spent their Go Skate Day after the turn….

Britney - BS Grind @ GlenhavenKevin - Stalefish @ GlenhavenCody - FS RocknRoll @ GlenhavenKevin - BS Disaster @ GlenhavenMC - FS 50-50 over Stairs @ GlenhavenStefan - Lien to Tail @ GlenhavenCody - BS Air @ GlenhavenKevin - FS Air Peanut @ GlenhavenMC - FS Air @ GlenhavenStefan - FS Boneless @ GlenhavenCody - Layback @ GlenhavenKevin - FS Tailslide @ GlenhavenMC - Two-Hand Air @ Glenhaven

Checkout this clip over at 50-50.com to see what some other skaters did on Go Skate Day. Let’s hope the city listens and the folks at Dreamland get the call.

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