No Vert for Old Men

Grover @ Ed Benedict

What’s an old vert skater to do with the horizontal confines of Ed Benedict? Besides relaxing on the sweet T-pad, Grover actually found some lines. Check out a few of his discoveries after the turn.

Click on an image for a larger view.

Grover - Cow Catcher Grind @ Ed Benedict

Grinding the cow catcher

Grover - Cow Catcher Rock @ Ed Benedict

Rocking the cow catcher

Grover - Raindrop 50-50 @ Ed Benedict

50-50 in the raindrop

Grover - No Comply @ Ed Benedict

Moab simulation no-comply

3 Responses to “No Vert for Old Men”

  • Good to see you’re finally giving the kids the kind of coverage they want to see!

  • now let’s figure out a way to get those kids to stop stealing the marble and coping…..

  • What would kids do with a several hundred pound slab of granite? I’m guessing adult dirtbags are responsible – selling the granite to pay for their internet porn. I wonder if tweakers ever saw off playground swingsets to sell as scrap, times are tough but no tougher than some people deserve maybe. STOP THE DOWNLOADING!

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