Break on Through

MC’s Bowl Pour in 3D - June 6, 2009

Often while we were digging the hole that is now MC’s bowl, Mark would pose the question: “What song am I thinking of now?” On quite a few occasions the answer to that question was Break on Through by the Doors. It’s a place where we dug our treasures and now chase our pleasures. Now break on through to the other side of this post and check out some 3D cross-eyed pairs of MC’s bowl pour.

Click on an image for a larger view. Note that all images are 3D cross-eyed pairs.

Hip and Rebar in 3D @ MC’s Bowl

Hip with exposed rebar

Hip and Deathbox in 3D @ MC’s Bowl

Cement covered hip along with the deathbox

Deathbox in 3D @ MC’s Bowl

Isolation on the deathbox

Bowl Overview @ MC’s Bowl

Bowl overview

Bench Quarter Pipe in 3D @ MC’s Bowl

Bench quarter pipe

Trowel’s in Buckets @ MC’s Bowl

Trowel’s in buckets

Cement Blob in 3D @ MC’s Bowl

Concrete blob

Waterfall with Tools and Concrete @ MC’s Bowl

Waterfall with tools and concrete blobs

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