Going Costal

Monday Cover Vol. 3 Issue 29 - Brad Krohn

Who’s the king of the skate fashionistas? Well, this week’s Monday Cover skater, Brad Krohn, is definitely high on the list. Doing Mr. Blackwell proud with his attention to detail, Brad is always looking to improve his skate style. Note foot tweak. Check out some more style-right shredding by Mr. Krohn after the turn.

Congratulations Brad!

Click on an image for a larger view.

Brad - Nose Stall to Fakie @ Florence

Another angle of the style master at work

Brad - Carve Under Jeff @ Florence

Carving under Jeff on the punk wall

Brad - Slide and Slip @ Coos Bay

Ever wonder why they call them slippers?

Brad - Bonk Recovery @ Coos Bay

Coccyx to cranium bonk meditation

Brad - Nose Stall to Fakie @ Florence

Full frame of the cover

15 Responses to “Going Costal”

  • bRAD…you are fuckin classic! Hey Rich you skate anymore or just take pictures of Conahan? Give the camera to him once in a while.

  • Man those are fun pictures. I was there and it did not seem like that much fun but those photos prove me wrong. Brad has to bring another on back from the dead. Perhaps a nose picker. Nice.

  • Thanks for going on the coastal skate trip. I was glad to be there to put the pinch on you, Grover, and Brad (hee hee).

  • Yeah Rich, you missed an opportunity to shoot Randy and I at Gabriel Park or digging in the bowl. Those are great shots. Doesn’t Brad just look so summery?

  • Brad looks super stylin’. That was a fun trip.

  • BTW: I have photos to prove that Rich does skate, but I’m not such a great photog, so the pix are far away and badly composed.

  • Man, you’ve outdone yourself here. I was laughing out loud. Great cover shot, and the bail shot at the end really makes the complete package. Brad’s go to be stoked.

  • Hold on, I’m trying to recall Brad’s repertoire… that cover shot move isn’t ringing a bell. What was he doing?

  • …he said its the new nose stall slide that was new 20 years years ago…

  • Yeah Grover just told me it as a nose stall, I can see it now. I thought it looked like a tail slide, which isn’t part of the arsenal. Rad shot. The Docotor is curiously silent… Maybe it’s because he blew his photo incentive, although you could say that we blew it.

  • I was wondering if/when you’d realize that… this could’ve been be a full bleed Cold War shot!

  • I am certainly curious to know what my son has done to his hair. Plus, his own mother did not know that he now wears glasses!

  • Dear Mother of Dr. K. – Our guess is that he failed to remove the Randy’s from his life. Now look at him. 🙂

  • Those are movie glasses, we now call him “Nerd Krohn”.

  • “Pnerd Krohn” Is the proper Nomenclature.

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