Rolling with the Crocus

Spring Break Videos on Earth Patrol

The annual academic spring break season is quickly coming to a close. Not to worry though, both Grover and Casey captured some of their solar equatorial-passing skate adventures in moving pictures. Check out Grover’s Spring Broke and Casey’s PDX Downhill Invades California after the turn.

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Spring in Cali with Billy, Jon, David and Casey from Casey Morrow on Vimeo.

3 Responses to “Rolling with the Crocus”

  • Nice vid Casey, now can you teach Grover some production values?

  • Haha, production is overrated! And you know if Marek is bothered by it, you’re onto something. Plus, you guys’ make up for it with your unsurpassed arsenal of dork tricks.

  • I can’t watch stuff from vimeo. Very poor performance for me. Must be that HD video. The embedded video from my site works fine but it’s 480×360 mp4.

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