Oasis in the Valley

Harrisburg, Oregon - Skatepark by Dreamland Skateparks

If you find yourself near Harrisburg, Oregon, exit 209 off the I-5, take the time to stop and skate their recently finished skatepark. Brought to you by one of the premier design/build skatepark companies on the planet, Dreamland, this place is fun, fun, fun. Check out few snaps of the park after the turn including Oudalay’s sick move above. EPM out!

Click on an image for a larger view.

Oudalay - FS Air Hip @ Harrisburg

Odalay flaps one off a hip

Pole Jam @ Harrisburg

Pole jamming

Jersey Stairs @ Harrisburg

Jersey stairs

Pocket Ledge @ Harrisburg

Pocket ledge

Park Overview @ Harrisburg

Overview of the park

Park Sign @ Harrisburg

Park rules and regs

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