Rebels in Richland

(l to r) MC, Jay and Thomas

Team Rebel descended upon the Richland, Washington skatepark and provided the locals with their own private demo. Rebel-ites went to work along with their new team manager, Jerry from Pendleton – who just happens to look exactly like Jay Smay from Portland.

The Richland Skatepark is large with a good balance between tranny and street terrain. It’s nice to skate a park that is spacious and provides ample room for folks to chill without cramping the lines of others. Team Rebel opted for the bowls; see pictures of Brogan, Lance, Shawn, Mark, Jay and alumnus team member Thomas after the turn….

Brogan FS Air

Brogan – FS Air

Lance FS Boneless

Lance – FS Boneless

MC Andrecht 1

MC – Andrecht

Shawn FS Air

Shawn – FS Air

Tom FS Grind 2

Thomas – FS Grind

Jay FS Air

Jay – FS Air

Brogan Fakie Ollie Grab

Brogan – Fakie Ollie Grab


MC – FS “kilroy was here” Air

Shawn Frigid Head

Shawn – Frigid Head Crush

Tom BS Air

Thomas – BS Air

Jay FS Grind

Jay – FS “Birthday Boy” Grind

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