Shreddi Repas – Ripping Shredder

Shreddi Repas - Skateboard World Cover; Double Grab BS Air @ Skatercross

Thirty-three years have passed since this photo hit the newsstands and it’s still rad to this day. Who is it, you ask? Why, it’s none other than Shreddi Repas grabbing some air at the long defunct Skatercross. In addition to having one of the most appropriate skateboarding names ever, Shreddi is the originator of the standup grind (50-50), backside air to axle stall, fakie carve grinds (switch grinds) as well as fakie 360 rock-n-roll board slides. Check out a larger version of the cover after the turn along with a Shreddi/TA story. EPM “getting all histrionic” Out!

Mark Conahan recalled that the first person he saw doing a standup grind was Shreddi Repas at the MDR Dog Bowl. When I asked Shreddi about this, here is what he had to say:

Mark is correct about my grinds in fact one day I found Alva and I were the only ones skating the MDR dog bowl (not talking didn’t hang with him, I skated more with the other Z BoyZ n Jerry Valdez at the time) I was getting about 8 to 10 coping blocks worth after about 10 mins. He commented “nice grinds” LOL we were never buds but I thought that was cool he gave that up!

There’s a great photo sequence of Shreddi’s standup grind at MDR in Glen E. Friedman’s book “Fuck You Too”. Check it out and be sure to note the socks.

Click on the cover for a larger view.

Shreddi Repas - Skateboard World Cover; Double Grab BS Air @ Skatercross

Shreddi Repas – Skateboard World Cover October 1977 – Double Grab BS Air @ Skatercross

7 Responses to “Shreddi Repas – Ripping Shredder”

  • Hey thats the park from the C.H.I.P’s episode.

  • why cant skating be like that anymore

  • Killer Double grab! Nice Rector gardening Gloves.

  • The maneuver Shreddy is doing on the cover is called a “pop out”
    little history lesson for ya’s..

  • Did you know that Shreddi was also a Ripping Ice Hockey player. We were good friends and teammates for quite a few seasons back in the early 70’s I can’t seem to find him. If anyone know how I can contact him please let me know. I have some sad news to report about one of our good friends and hockey teammate that passed away on Sat. Sept. 28, 2012 I’d realy like to let him know. Pleas pass on my email address to him if you can. or have him call me. 818-633-WAVE (9283)

  • watching shreddi at skatercross in the 70’s was totally insane. that guy was sooooooo far ahead of his time. i remember seeing him at a contest at marina del rey skatepark. he was doing double truck grinds going backwards…… kids nowadays call it ”switch”, we called it faking.

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