Sonny Vincent on Generation X

Sonny Vincent Interview on Randy Katen's Generation X

Hey-ho punk rock connoisseurs, it’s time to add another great interview to the Generation X vault. This week’s interview features founding member, guitarist and vocalist of NYC’s legendary punk band the Testors, Sonny Vincent. Sniff it up after the turn. EPM “now you’ve got something to do” Out!

Photo credit: Zuri Zone

Sonny Vincent - The TestorsSonny Vincent - The Testors

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2 Responses to “Sonny Vincent on Generation X”

  • great interview, sonny vincent rocks! hope to get to see a show sometime and have to thank rocket from the crypt for turning me on to sonny…

  • enjoyed that – fyi…Testors are playing two shows in april 2011 – sneak preview gig in nyc at the delancey (4/9) and the mess around festival in atlanta (4/16).

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