Aged to Perfection

Cold War Skateboards on Earth Patrol

Here they are Grover and Kilwag, Cold War Skateboards founders and the Paul Masson’s of boutique skateboard companies; “they will sell no skateboard before its time.” Come along with us as we venture into their skate cellar and take a peek at their skateboard aging techniques. EPM “remember swirl, look, sniff, taste and spit” Out!

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Cold War Skateboards - Board Selection

Grover inspects each board prior to printing based on strict quality control requirements

Cold War Skateboards - Deck Registration

Prior to screening a high quality graphic, boards are gently placed in the precision registration deck holder

Cold War Skateboards - Screening Image

With a kitten soft touch, Randy pulls the milky-rich ink into the high quality graphic screen. Grover keeps a keen eye on the process for any deviations in quality.

Cold War Skateboards - Printed Board

The high quality graphic screen is gently lifted away from the precision registration deck holder while Grover prepares another deck for screening.

Cold War Skateboards - Decks Drying on Racks

Decks with high quality graphics are carefully placed on drying racks prior to packaging and shipping.

Cold War Skateboards - Board Supply

Here we see a supply of quality Cold War decks being aged prior to printing.

Cold War Skateboards - Saw Dust Finishing Station

Each board gets a saw dust rub prior to packaging. Note this short-stack of Finishers at the saw dust rub station.

Cold War Skateboards - Photo Documentation

Here we see Kilwag using a high resolution camera to capture post-production product configurations.

Cold War Skateboards - Jack Keeps the Beat

And finally, what would a skate cellar be without a little background music. Jack keeps the beat.

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