Prefecta Heat

Foto-Friday for August 15, 2008

Skaters are busy getting ready for this weekend’s 2008 Trifecta series; stops include Lincoln City-OR on Friday, Tigard-OR on Saturday and Battle Ground-WA on Sunday. Check out Nolan, Nora, Shawn, Salba, MC, Adrian, Grover, Jack, Brad and more during yesterday’s evening session at Battle Ground.

5 Responses to “Prefecta Heat”

  • SALBA, that is fucking sick dude kills it!

  • 200mm glass? Nice D.O.F. Broad content! Artsy and live! You’re a great shooter Rich.

  • Rich-
    Nice shots…..very well done! Looking forward to BG, too bad on Pier….Nolan rips, Jake spent time last week with him down south. Good to see you today at LC…

  • The Creature skater doin b.tail is TAYLOR BINGAMAN next day he got wrecked in the finals! CREATURE KILLS!

  • Thanks Steve-O for the info. Taylor is super smooth and it was fun shooting the creature crew during their pre-Trifecta Battle Ground pit stop. Hope Taylor is feeling better and is back on the wood.

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