Sunset Session

Reedsport Skatepark

We rolled into Reedsport as the sun was starting to set making this the last session of the day. A few locals were lurking about as Shawn and MC sized-up the park. MC pulled out some reserve wood while Shawn began to test pockets and hips. Reedsport offers some organic terrain outside of the norm and that’s part of its appeal. Some of the features include a large funnel for those that like the opportunity to loop, a large vert pocket with stamped tile and a large hip for blasting. The park seems to be holding up well with respect to the construction and the walls have a few interesting pieces of art on them. Check out a full gallery along with some select photos after the turn. We held up in Reedsport for the evening with only Florence, Toledo and Lincoln City left to skate on our final day.



Click an image for a larger view.

MC - FS Grind @ Reedsport

MC on the blue tiled road

Shawn - Method @ Reedsport

Method up, up and away

MC - Standing in Funnel @ Reedsport

MC sizing-up future goals

Bowl Art @ Reedsport

Art in the bowl

Pool @ Reedsport

Pool like bowl with pool like warning

See all the photos from the Reedsport session in the gallery.

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