Ending with Wendy O.

YouTube Tuesday for January 5, 2010 on Earth Patrol

We’re five days into 2010 but we are going to rewind to the late 70’s and early 80’s. This week’s YouTube Tuesday features the UK bands, Spizzenergi, The Members, The Skids, UK Subs, Generation X along with the sole US offering, The Plasmatics. Check out all the sounds after the turn. EPM “Electrical Tape Applied” Out!

Spizzenergi – Where’s Captain Kirk?

Spizzenergi – Solider Soldier

The Members – Sound of the Suburbs

The Skids – Into the Valley

UK Subs – Party in Paris

UK Subs – CID

Generation X – Your Generation

The Plasmatics – Butcher Baby

The Plasmatics – Tight Black Pants

4 Responses to “Ending with Wendy O.”

  • Into the Valley—-SOLID!

  • Just found the Skids this year. How did I miss it? Ohyeah there was no iternet for me to find what I liked. I had togo get it myself and I did not find it at the mall. I found it at the skateshop. These were the people who use to support this stuff.Now its all over the internet for posers to find. Makes me sick!

  • The U.K subs were just something on the back of someones jacket. I was unable to buy this stuff ” RecordLand” did not carry it. If we don’t ge this stuff off the internet our scene will die forever.

  • Wheres Captn Kirk only exsited on the left end of the radio dial on some abstrct college radio station on the bottom end of th dial. That only came if it was raining out. Please I beg of you get this of the internet. Before it gets discoverd by the general public. The scene will be lost if they all find this stuff…

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