Skate and a Movie

Bacon Skateboards Video Premier

It’s a wrap! The Bacon crew premiered their latest skate video, Raw Dog and Falafels, at DoS last Friday night. True to Bacon form, the skating in the video is sick along with a smattering of comedic interludes. Not sure how to rate skate videos but we’ll give this one 3 bacon strips out of 4. Check out some pics of the evenings activities in the gallery. EPM sizzling out.

Raw Dog and Falafels Premier Gallery

11 Responses to “Skate and a Movie”

  • All of these people are dressed exactly the same…

  • Don’t get me started darling. I have not been this disgusted in fashion since the Kaiko Inayumaro Fall Line Spectacular in Tokyo 1983. A cat as a scarf. I told her it would never work. It must be Leopold Monkeys from the Andes Mountains to be considered haute coteur. A cat is drivel, a cat is the common fashion found at Macy’s. I spit on this so called fashion, it disgusts me. A good friend, Donatella Versace, once told me, “Karl, fabulous fashion is about the mood…about the spirit of not eating and doing cocaine in bathrooms and smoking cigarettes.”

  • Karl, have dinner with me.

  • fuck Vivian Westwood.

  • If I remember correctly, Malcolm McLaren used to do just that. Ah, those were the days.

  • I am so stoked I ride for bacon now. since colin has been hooking me up, Ive jjust been more stoked on riding. I just learned how to do backside tail stalls. RAW DOG AND FALAFLES!!!!!!

  • fuck who ever wrote that, bacon is fucking gay.

    i do enjoy the slight humor though, up the pvnx!

  • Not sure about you, but I know that I attended the premiere and tried to shred super hard with hopes and dreams of getting sponsered by bacon. You were probably just a spy…

  • i would have gone to the burnside benefit if i was 21, but i couldnt make it in, so i just went to the bacon thing because it was free.

    bacon is lame, you sound like a cheeze-ball with your hopes and dreams about getting on some punk ass company with stupid ads.


  • Just shut up and get back here and do some more grinders. You make this place what it is. Oh, and cut your hair then poop in the urinal. Don’t forget to throw pizza boxes on the ground.

  • oh man, i better take that independent sticker off my board in that picture of my carve grind. My new ACE trucks are way more punx, and indy’s are totally not as cool and dont turn fast enough.

    also, i like men. and Toast skateboards are the best.

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