3D Photo App for iPhone

3D App for iPhone on Earth Patrol

If you are interested in 3D photography and you happen to own an iPhone, boy, are you in luck. The folks over at Juicy Bits Software have developed an app called 3D Camera that makes producing 3D photos a breeze. The interface is intuitive and supports the creation of stereo pairs (parallel and cross-eyed), anaglyphs (color and black/white) as well as wigglegrams, an animated simulated 3D effect. If you are even mildly interested in 3D, this app is for you. Check out some skateboard wheel fetish shots after the turn that include wigglegrams, cross-eyed stereo pairs, and anaglyphs. EPM “getting all google-eyed” Out!

Gallery: 3D Wheels @ Earth Patrol

Shots 1 and 5 are wigglegrams. Shots 2 and 6 are cross-eyed stereo pairs. Shots 3 and 7 are color anaglyphs (view with red/blue 3D glasses). Shots 4 and 8 are black/white anaglyphs (view with red/blue 3D glasses)

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