Family That Skates Together …

Kathleen, Gillian and Mark @ MC’s Mini

We had a little family session over at MC’s mini the other evening. Check out Kathleen, Gillian, Mark and Anna as they chill on the mini. See all the twilight soul surfing after the turn.

Kathleen, Mark and Gillian @ MC’s Mini

Gillian, Mark and Kathleen working the walls

Gillian @ MC’s Mini

Gillian pumping it up

Anna, Kathleen, Gillian and Fiona @ MC’s Mini

Anna, Kathleen and Gillian preparing for the doggy gauntlet

Anna, Kathleen and Gillian @ MC’s Mini

Anna, Kathleen and Gillian getting stoked

Kathleen @ MC’s Mini

Kathleen holding her line

Anna and Kathleen @ MC’s Mini

Anna preparing for the summer of the drop-in

Gillian and Kathleen @ MC’s Mini

Gillian – Massive grin to fakie

8 Responses to “Family That Skates Together …”

  • I wear the latest Nikes but my children are forced to skate barefoot.

  • these are very cool pictures- nice!

  • …these photos will be great in 20-30-40 years, etc….I chatted with these Conhan les jeunes filles at a barbeque- the dry wit and intelligence is in the genes!

  • Never seen so much beauty in one place! Proud to be part of the ancestral clan.

  • A family skateboarding. It’s a wonderful thing! MC, you rock! We have our own summer of the drop-in going on over here in CO. 🙂 GO BIG!

  • Rachel asked me to forward to her which I did. Jonathan wanted to take a memory walk, love, dad

  • Hi Uncle Mark, I’ve been practicing on my RipStick and am getting better. Might even try at Wilson Skate Park soon. I’m also drawing comics a little. Hope to see you soon. JTT

  • jeez like mark, you been holding a mini and never said nothing about it?! i wanna sk8!

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