Love Will Tear Us Apart

Joy Division - Love Will Tear Us Apart; YouTube Tuesday for November 24, 2009

Blame it on Nouvelle Vague. Why? Well, after hearing their remake of Joy Division’sLove Will Tear Us Apart, it lead us to search for other bands that have covered the tune as well. Check out the original Joy Division version along with covers by New Order, Nouvelle Vague, The Cure, The Swans, Moonspell, and last but not least, The King (think Elvis) after the turn. EPM “Tearing It Apart with Love” Out!

Joy Division – Love Will Tear Us Apart

New Order – Love Will Tear Us Apart

Nouvelle Vague – Love Will Tear Us Apart

The Cure – Love Will Tear Us Apart

The Swans – Love Will Tear Us Apart

Moonspell – Love Will Tear Us Apart

The King – Love Will Tear Us Apart

6 Responses to “Love Will Tear Us Apart”

  • Jeez, the designer of that Joy Division should marry the animated mask. Keep it down to one or two special effects please, otherwise you look like an anus. I liked a few of the effects. The rain and the montage from Ken Burns’ Graveyard Statuary worked best.

  • Joy division is probably one of my all time favorites. The movie Control covered Ian curtis real good.

    I never realized there were that many remakes of that song 😛

  • Excuse the rant, I’m a huge JD fan. The most penetrating and heart rending band I’ve ever heard. LWTUA is definitely one of my faves–particularly the B-side from the OG single:

    We frequently play XM at our coffee shop (for practical reasons) so I’ve heard several of these play in rotation over the past few years. I love covers—but why any band would want to cover LWTUA is baffling. At a minimum, no band is going to duplicate JD’s sound and effect (to their credit most of these bands are trying a different angle). But the bigger question is WHY??? This is a such a beautiful, haunting, and deeply personal song about Ian’s own life, and the last song he recorded just three weeks before taking his life. Seems like personal territory.

    On a lighter note—I came across the original, crisp version of the Warsaw (Pre-JD) tracks:

    Good stuff!

  • I love that Warsaw compilation/album or whatever you want to call it since it wasn’t released at the time.

    Control is a great film. HArd to watch, but beautiful. Depressing to learn that Ian was just an ordinary flawed human being like everyone else.

  • Great, great song. Takes me back.

  • Fully stuck in my head. After looking thru dozens of you tube pages I finally came across the original JD video (presumably scarce due to copyright issues in the aftermath of Control ???):

    A couple other covers that grabbed me:

    HoneyRoot- Sappy but the lyrical content shines.

    Flea and John Frusciante— Fans like the rest of us.

    Decades is the one that always gets me.

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