Pistol’s Skate Shop

Pistol’s Skate Shop - Vancouver, WA

Vancouver, WA has a new skate shop. Pistol’s Skate Shop celebrated their grand opening on Saturday, January 19. Not only can you buy skate gear but you can also test it out on their indoor mini-ramp. A few of the locals along with our friends from Bacon and Coldwar Skateboards did a little skateboarding as well. Check out some of the mini-ramp action after the turn.

Click on the pics for a larger view.

Johnny - Fakie to Tail @ Pistols

Johnny powering out of a fakie-tail stall

Grover - FS Rock-n-Roll @ Pistols

Grover frontside RnR in pants

Frontside Disaster @ Pistols

Frontside disaster

Johnny - Bean Plant @ Pistols

Johnny and the bean plant

Benji - Lien to Tail @ Pistols

Lien to tail for Benji

Clay - FS Grind to Fakie @ Pistols

Clay taking a frontside grind to fakie

Backside Ollie @ Pistols

Backside ollie

Johnny - FS Ollie @ Pistols

Johnny hangs with a frontside ollie

Pistol’s Skate Shop and Mini-Ramp

Pistol’s Skate Shop and Mini-Ramp

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