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Cooper De Ville

Monday Cover Vol. 6 Issue 21 - Lynn Cooper

Floating majestically above the Denver skyline mid Cooper Flip is this week’s Monday Cover, Lynn Cooper. Moon Crater Park local and all terrain skate trooper, Lynn has a deep bag of freestyle tricks. Often catching the eye of the younger generation, he’s down to share his skate wizardry with everyone. Check out a few more pics of Lynn getting his flatland on after the turn.

Congratulations Lynn!

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Top of the Heap

Monday Cover Vol. 6 Issue 20 - Mason Merlino

Put this in your Pipe-to-Pipe and smoke it. This week’s Monday Cover skater, Mason Merlino, crail grabs his way to victory during the skate portion of the 2012 Bonfire Pipe-to-Pipe. The amazing terrain of Windell’s combined with the perfect weather made for some epic skateboarding. Check out more pics of Mason holding it down for Team Lifeblood after the turn.

Congratulations Mason!

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Vert Quest

Monday Cover Vol. 6 Issue 19 - Eugene Lardizabal

What better way to spend your birthday than skating some sweet vert terrain? That’s exactly how this week’s Monday Cover skater, Eugene Lardizabal, decided to celebrate his 40th trip around the Sun. In addition to shredding the gnar, Eugene is actively working to establish a new indoor vert ramp in the Seattle area. Check out more pics of Eugene at Jefferson after the turn.

Congratulations Eugene!

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It’s On! – Blood Brothers Tour

Blood Brothers Tour 2012 - Lifeblood and Blood Wizard

Slap me silly and call me Susan! Your two favorite hemoglobin themed skate crews, Lifeblood and Blood Wizard, are on the road. Here’s the official word:

Lifeblood Skateboards and Blood Wizard Skateboards have joined forces for the “Blood Brothers” tour this summer. We will be on the road in early July hitting up many of the great skateparks and skate scenes throughout Colorado and Utah. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and or on Instagram through the hashtag #lifebloodwizardtour where we will be regularly updating our travels and itinerary. Come join us for a skate session!

Check out the links and the flier for more details after the turn.

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Yesterday is Gone …

Monday Cover Vol. 6 Issue 18 - Steve Caballero

… and yet, this week’s Monday Cover skater, Steve Caballero, is still shredding it up. That’s one smooth smith through the corner at last year’s Portland Dew Tour stop. Humble as they come, Cab is the consummate skate ambassador. Check out more pics of Steve taking care of business after the turn.

Congratulations Steve!

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Eric VonArab on Generation X

Eric VonArab on Randy Katen's Generation X

Needing a little Huntington Beach punk history? You’re in luck. This week’s guest on Generation X is skater and guitarist for Love Canal, Eric VonArab. Be sure to click on the link when the time is right. EPM “M.I.A.” Out!

Featured Guest: Eric VonArab of Love Canal; Sunday, July 1 @ 5-7pm PST

Listen to Randy Katen's Generation X on KBGA/FM Missoula, Montana