Monthly Archive for December, 2006

A Little Slice of Early 70’s Music

YTT December 26, 2006

Hop into our YouTube Tuesday time machine and enjoy a little slice of early 70’s music. This week we find ourselves exploring early proto-punk along with some of the purveyors of glam. Get your eye liner, shaggy hair and platform shoes – and rock out!

Hasta Luego 2006!

Justin Hindery - FS Grind @ Woodland

It’s our final Monday Cover for the year 2006 here on EPM and it’s a good one. We managed to capture Justin Hindery in our sights during a crowded session at the newly finished Dreamland creation in Woodland, Washington.

Justin is a man of many talents. Not only does he shred-the-rad, he’s an artist and is co-owner of Shrunkenhead Skateboards; a true renaissance dude.

Congratulations Justin and thanks for keeping it real.

Stevie G – Skate Hunter Encounters a Conahan

YTT December 19, 2006

It’s late in the day but luckily it’s still Tuesday. So without further adieu, here’s this week’s YouTube Tuesday video. It’s a little gem from our Skate and Annoy pal and soon to be Ali G. replacement, Grover. I think we might see more of this character in the future. Who will be his next subject and who thought a banana could be so funny?

Ah ha, Zinger!

In His Own Words – Czech It Out

Marek Litinsky -FS Grind @ Pier

It’s time again for Monday Covers here on EPM. This weeks cover goes to Marek Litinsky, team rider for Coldwar Skateboards. Marek is the kind of guy that just shows up and shreds, no matter the terrain. As you can see from the pic, style is something that is not lost on Marek.

If you would like to see Marek in action, check out this short video from a pool session earlier this year. Oh yeah, Marek hails from the Czech Republic. If you understand Czech, you might get an earful at the end of the video. Congratulations Marek and it’s good to have you back in the States.

Fresh Air with Mark Conahan

Mark Conahan - FS Air @ Pier

This weeks Monday Cover features MC, one of the wise men of skating. If you skate in the Northwest, chances are you have skated with Mark. You will recognize him by his above lip antics that include double handed frontside airs, Andrecht’s and frontside inverts. Mark is one of the true gentlemen of skateboarding and an artist to boot. Check-out his comic strip, Max Concave, on his blog, Antigravity Press.

To sample some of Mark’s Photoshop handy work, see same pic of Mark merged with the yet to be finished Battle Ground, Washington park.

Oh yeah, MC in Roman Numerals is equal to 1100 decimal. That just happens to be the number of times Mark has kick-flip ollied to rail down a 12-stair, Not! Congratulations Mark and keep pointing the way.

Grover’s Korner Turns 4

YTT December 5, 2006

Our friend Grover, over at Skate and Annoy, has just completed the fourth episode of his weekly serial Grover’s Korner; only 516 more to go on his 10 year contract. So if you haven’t seen them yet, pop some popcorn, set back, relax and enjoy the links.

Word has it that a local skate talent and cartoonist will soon be the subject of a future episode. Stay tuned…..

Swim in a Big Pool

Mike Swim - FS Grind @ Pier

Today’s Monday Cover goes to Mike Swim. On any skateable day at Pier, there’s a good chance you will see Mike tearin’ it up. He has some of the ‘styliest’ backside Smiths and just style in general. It’s great that Mike has chosen to be a part of the Dreamland crew; skaters building skateparks for skaters. How poetic is that? My money is still on Mike to be the first person to carve backside over the door.

Congratulations Mike and Thanks!