Fresh Air with Mark Conahan

Mark Conahan - FS Air @ Pier

This weeks Monday Cover features MC, one of the wise men of skating. If you skate in the Northwest, chances are you have skated with Mark. You will recognize him by his above lip antics that include double handed frontside airs, Andrecht’s and frontside inverts. Mark is one of the true gentlemen of skateboarding and an artist to boot. Check-out his comic strip, Max Concave, on his blog, Antigravity Press.

To sample some of Mark’s Photoshop handy work, see same pic of Mark merged with the yet to be finished Battle Ground, Washington park.

Oh yeah, MC in Roman Numerals is equal to 1100 decimal. That just happens to be the number of times Mark has kick-flip ollied to rail down a 12-stair, Not! Congratulations Mark and keep pointing the way.

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