Blame it on Blender and the Gonz

Just watch!

Need some more? Check out the Beez’ hive.

Credit: Raunchy for finding and posting this over on Concrete Disciples.

6 Responses to “Blame it on Blender and the Gonz”

  • How avant-garde™. I must say the wallie up, wallride down was pretty freakin outstanding. ☠

  • This is the best video I have ever seen in my life. Thank you for showing me this!

  • The barbies kinda freaked me out. Sheer terror it was 🙂

  • I read about these guys (guyz?) in Carnie’s blog a while ago and found this same video. But, sadly, I don’t enjoy the Beez. It’s not that I hate them, or wish them ill, I just don’t think what they are doing is worth watching. Sorry, Beez. I really am. I love dicking around with my friends, like anyone else, but the whole thing has a ‘had to be there’ vibe to me. I’m stoked that some people and companies (like enjoi) are pushing the ‘skating for fun’ attitude, but it isn’t always amusing to everyone else. Like that dude in the Holla-rado video that does a bunch of handstands, or the Japanes skater that KYs a bunch of rails and then glides around. Not for me.

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