Keep It Like a Secret

Prosser Bowl and Sky

Well if you’re reading this, the secret is out. Prosser, Washington has a sweet skatepark a la Grindline and the locals shred. On this day, the weather was perfect along with the face wall of the 10′ bowl. Other features include multiple usable waterfalls and hips along with a nice wrap-around mini halfpipe. Everyone in our little skate possie, MC, Shawn and Rich, gave this park a rating of two tongues way out.

Check out some pics from our short but enjoyable session that features locals, Andy, Jeremy, Jose and Caleb.

Prosser Skatepark Overview

Prosser Skatepark

Jeremy – BS Ollie Over Hip

Jeremy - BS Ollie over Hip

Andy – BS RnR Boardslide

Andy - BS RnR Boardslide

Jose – Xfer to FS Disaster

Jose - Xfer to FS Disaster

Jeremy – Xfer to Tail

Jeremy - Xfer to Tail

Andy – Xfer to Quarter

Andy - Xfer to Quarter

Caleb – Nose Grab Flyout (Oldschool)

Caleb - Nose Grab Flyout

Jeremy – FS Grind

Jeremy - FS Grind

MC – Andrecht/Conahan

MC - Andrecht

Jose – Xfer to Grind

Jose - Xfer to FS Grind

Andy – FS Smith

Andy - FS Smith

Jeremy – Over Back to Disaster

Jeremy - Over Back to FS Disaster

5 Responses to “Keep It Like a Secret”

  • Killer little park to end your road trip with—glad the crew liked it. The jump ramp that GL took so much heat for really gets a work out from the locals. Personally I dig the vert extension w/ tedders in the shallow….I would think that a similar design would make a good “neighborhood” park in the 19 park PDX system…

  • Replicating the Prosser Park design in Portland is a great idea. That’s exactly what the crew thought after we skated it. Also, thanks to the Walla Walla crew for all the hospitality. Stay tuned for pics from our trip to Richland and Walla Walla.

  • The Prosser locals are a bunch of great guys and they really shred it up!! Great skate spot! Great photos too.

  • yo come watch me skate in prosser

  • A few years ago I did a 8week work contract in Sunnyside. For 8 weeks I did nothing but work and skate this spot. Dunno if they still do but they used to leave the lights on forever. Righteous scene.

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