Spread the Commonwealth

Commwealth Skateboarding - Undercover Concrete

Wait for it, wait for it … ok, GO! Get excited Portland, there’s some “under cover” concrete on the way for your skateboarding pleasure courtesy of Commonwealth Skateboarding. Are you stoked yet? We are. Get more info over on Jen’s blog and keep yourself in the loop by “liking” the Commonwealth Skateboarding facebook page. Check out a few pics of the progress after the turn. EPM “believe it” Out!

Gallery: Construction @ Commonwealth Skateboarding

5 Responses to “Spread the Commonwealth”

  • Gnarles Copinghagen

    Exactly what we need! YES!!!

  • Yes Yes Y E S!!!!

  • not another pay to play..ohhh boy.. a art gallery and skate park on Hawthorne? Did Nike and the swooshtaka kick down thousands to support this? Ride free forever!!!!

  • ggsucmmer,

    I hope you’re kidding about being bummed in regards to another indoor skateboard park opening in Portland. What’s the big deal? Paying a little bit of money to a place that is simply trying to provide a park for people to skate in the rainy Northwest. Guess what, we pay tax dollars for outdoor parks so what’s the difference? I bet you go to Stumptown or Starbucks everyday, or more likely- you buy beer every night, so if you’re so ‘core’ why are you paying for that?

    Also, no big company has anything to do with this ‘new’ park, all the more reason to support it in my opinion.

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