Pupik and Marek

The furry little guy on the left is Pupik[poo-peek]. He’s a dog that likes to fetch. The not-so-furry guy on the right is Marek. He is a human who likes to skate. Pupik and Marek are a fetch-n-skate duo.

Marek throws. Pupik fetches. Marek skates. ….Repeat until both are dog tired.

Oh yeah, and for YouTube Tuesday, here are some videos of Marek’s half of fetch-n-skate along with some photo extras. Enjoy!

Videos: Burnside, Lincoln City, Pool, West Linn 1, West Linn 2, Bonus Pool

Marek - FS Smith
Marek – FS Smith

Marek - FS Disaster
Marek – Fakie Rock-n-Roll

Marek - BS Grind in the Corner
Marek – BS Grind in the Corner

Marek - FS Grind
Marek – FS Grind

Editor’s Note: Many thanks to Kilwag over at Skate and Annoy for the awesome pics of Marek. That dude knows how to take a great skate photo. Also, check-out Marek’s board sponsor: Cold War Skateboards. If you don’t ride one, you should, in our humble opinion.

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