Recreational Skaters Celebrate

Tualatin Hills Park and Recreation Skatepark

The new Grindline skatepark at Tualatin Hills Park and Recreation Center is open for all those would be novice skaters. So if you see yourself as a novice skater, this park is for you. For those that see themselves as more than novice, well, it’s still a fun park. The concrete work is top notch and there’s some sweet Tedder’s coping in the worm run along with a simulated pole jam in the street section. Some other bonuses include: restrooms, a water fountain and lights until 10 p.m.. Check out a few shots from yesterday’s evening session after the turn.

Click on an image for a larger view.

Xavier - FS Grind @ Beaverton

Xavier grinding the worm

Grover - Ollie North @ Beaverton

Grover checking the coping with an ollie north

View - Northeast @ Beaverton

View – Northeast

View - Northwest @ Beaverton

View – Northwest

View - Southeast @ Beaverton

View – Southeast

View - Southwest @ Beaverton

View – Southwest

View - West @ Beaverton

View – West

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