Go Big or Go Home

Greyson Fletcher @ 2010 Oregon Trifecta

If you like big lofty airs and fast surf style skating, Greyson Fletcher has you covered. A newcomer to the Trifecta circuit, Greyson quickly became a crowd favorite with his go-for-it attitude and some of the biggest ollies you will ever see. Check out a few pics of Greyson catching some concrete waves after the turn.

Click on an image for a larger view.

Greyson Fletcher - Ollie North Hip to Bank @ Tigard

That is one huge ollie north off the hip to bank at Tigard

Greyson Fletcher - Ollie to Pocket @ Lincoln City

Speed line, ollie off hip into pocket at Lincoln City

Greyson Fletcher - FS Air @ West Linn

Big frontside air at West Linn

Greyson Fletcher - No-comply to Tail @ Tigard

Going OG street tech, no-comply to tail on bank

Greyson Fletcher - Boned FS Air @ West Linn

Big and boned frontside air

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