Space Needle Skate Surprise

Seattle Center Skatepark on Earth Patrol

So your friends want to take in the sites of Seattle at the Space Needle, what’s a skater to do. Why skate, of course. The Seattle Center Skatepark is only a few kicks away from the Space Needle and it’s free. While your pals are laying down their hard earned cash for an elevator ride, you can be escalating down a ledge por gratis. Check out a few pics of the skaters taking advantage of the Seattle Center terrain after the turn.

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Skater - Board Flip on Bank @ Seattle Center

Board Flip on Bank

Jordan - FS Grind @ Seattle Center

Jordan – Frontside Grind

Skate - Sunset Ollie @ Seattle Center

Sunset Ollie

Skater - Smith Grind @ Seattle Center

Lapping it Over

Overview @ Seattle Center

Overview of Seattle Center Skatepark

Jordan - FS Ollie @ Seattle Center

Jordan Snaps an Ollie

2 Responses to “Space Needle Skate Surprise”

  • this park is real fun. lots of lines and 2 days straight barely anyone there….

  • Wow, can’t believe I haven’t skated this yet, it def. looks really fun, and I will def. hit next time i’m up that way now.

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