Monday Cover Vol. 4 Issue 21 - Judd Pulver

This week’s Monday Cover skater, Judd Pulver, finds himself reaching with all appendages mid-frontside fast plant at Jack’s ramp. Dare we say he pulverized it. Check out more pics of Judd shredding it up after the turn.

Congratulations Judd!

Click on an image for a larger view.

Judd Pulver - Fakie Ollie @ Jack's Ramp

Fakie Ollie

Judd Pulver - Backside 5-0 @ Jack's Ramp

Backside 5-0

Judd Pulver - FS Something or Other @ Jack's Ramp

It seems like this was some kind of frontside, 270, over-smith stall something or other. Whatever it was, it was cool.

Judd Pulver - FS Fastplant @ Jack's Ramp

Full frame of the cover shot

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