Rage at Badlands 1985 – Pro/Am

Yuri's 80's Re-vert Fantasy Skate - Rage at Badlands 85 Pro/Am

The original combi-bowl at Upland was the king of the gnar park bowls back-in-the-day and that’s where we find ourselves on this week’s edition of Yuri’s 80’s Re-vert Fantasy Skate. The year was 1985 and many of the top pro skaters were on hand to take part in the Rage at Badlands. Check out all the footage after the turn including a rad run by amateur winner Jeff Grosso. The ever inquisitive Yuri wants to know your top 5 skaters along with your pick for best trick. EPM “squared off, ninety degree angles” Out!

Part 1: Pro Final

Part 2: Pro Final

Part 3: Pro Final

Part 4: Pro Final

Part 5: Pro Final

Am Results

  1. Jeff Grosso
  2. Eric Jueden
  3. Don Pollard
  4. Gregor Rankin
  5. Rick Demontrond
  6. Adrian Demain
  7. Cameron T
  8. Dave Duncan

Pro Results

  1. Tony Hawk
  2. Lance Mountain
  3. Steve Cabellero
  4. Lester Kasai
  • Top 8 Qualifiers: Chris Miller, Mike McGill, Christian Hosoi, Steve Steadham, Lester Kasai, Steve Cabellero, Lance Mountain, Tony Hawk

Yuri's 80's Re-Vert Fantasy Skate

Now that you’ve seen it, how would you rank your top 5 along with your pick for best trick? Yuri wants to know.

4 Responses to “Rage at Badlands 1985 – Pro/Am”

  • Both of my kids are crying for me but I can’t seem to stop watching this.

  • Another fun one to watch! Thanks, Rich.

  • steadham’s backside air on the peninsula was pretty sick

  • It sucks that Chris Miller ate shit because he owned that pool. The corner backside air is rad as hell and took enormous stones to pull off.
    Love these vids. Thanks for posting. I wish I could find them on dvd, they must not have sold well because I can’t find them anywhere anymore.

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