Punk Transitions

YouTube Tuesday - Salba and DP

So what music did Salba and D.P. start to explore when they grew tired of the early punk scene? Here’s a hint from an early 80’s television segment. Check out this week’s YouTube Tuesday clips dedicated to the early 80’s Steve and Duane after the turn. (Head shots courtesy of Independent Trucks)

Fripp-Summers – I Advanced Mask

Dalis Car – His Box

Gary Numan – I Am An Agent

David Bowie – Ashes to Ashes

Japan – Quiet Life

Duran Duran – Planet Earth

Echo and the Bunnymen – The Cutter

Visage – Fade to Grey

1 Responses to “Punk Transitions”

  • Damn now everything out of proportion fuck slam dancing to punk rock lets go slam dance to some ska or shitty indy rock. Thanks for the old interviews new prospective on old idea’s. Oh and wierd D.P. went from white funk to The Huns!!!!!!!!!???? Remember Never try White Funk without pads and a proper helmet.

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