CameraBag App for iPhone

CameraBag App for iPhone

In addition to last week’s TiltShift Generator, here’s another useful camera app for your iPhone, CameraBag from Nevercenter. It comes with 12 filters for your phone photo-tweaking needs all for the paltry sum of $1.99. Once again, non-iPhone owners don’t fret, there’s a version for Macs and PCs, albeit a bit more pricey. Check out a photo of Burnside in combination with the various filters after the turn. EPM “yes, this kind of thing is my bag, baby” Out!

Click on an image for a larger view.

Burnside - Original

Original photo

Burnside - Helga Filter

Filter: Helga

Burnside - Colorcross Filter

Filter: Colorcross

Burnside - Lolo Filter

Filter: Lolo

Burnside - Magazine Filter

Filter: Magazine

Burnside - Instant Filter

Filter: Instant

Burnside - Silver Filter

Filter: Silver

Burnside - Mono Filter

Filter: Mono

Burnside - 1962 Filter

Filter: 1962

Burnside - 1974 Filter

Filter: 1974

Burnside - Cinema Filter

Filter: Cinema

Burnside - Infrared Filter

Filter: Infrared

Burnside - Fisheye Filter

Filter: Fisheye

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