Monday Cover Vol. 4 Issue 2 - Sergie Ventura

This week’s Monday Cover skater, Sergie Ventura, channels his Trashmore roots to fly high at this year’s Oregon Bifecta. Wrap you brain around this one, a one-footed 540 in the square bowl. No joke. Check out more of Sergie’s above-the-lip-assault after the turn.

Congratulations Sergie!

Click on an image for a larger view.

Sergie Ventura - Madonna @ Pier Park


Sergie Ventura - 540 @ Pier Park


Sergie Ventura - Method @ Pier Park


Sergie Ventura - One Footed Mute @ Pier Park

One Footed Mute

Sergie Ventura - Lien Tail @ Pier Park

Lien to Tail

Sergie Ventura - Spinning a 540 @ Pier Park

Spinning another 540

Sergie Ventura - On Deck @ Pier Park

On deck during practice

Sergie Ventura - One footed 540 @ Pier Park

Full frame of the cover shot

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