Going Caveman!

Monday Cover Vol. 3 Issue 51 - Fred Flintstone

Sporting the caveman casual wear at Burnside’s annual birthday bash is this week’s Monday Cover skater and Bedrock’s favorite son, Fred Flintstone. Fred was killing it in his period-appropriate codpiece. Noticeably absent from the shred-fest was Barney and the Great Gazoo. Maybe next year? Yaba-daba-doo, check out more pics of Mr. Flintstone in the mix after the turn.

Congratulations Fred!

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Mr. Flintstone - BS Air @ Burnside

Fred bringing new meaning to backside air

Mr. Flintstone and Mr. Banana @ Burnside

Mr. Flintstone chilling with Mr. Banana

Mr. Flintstone Casual Wear @ Burnside

Fred in profile sporting his skate codpiece/beer holder

Mr. Flintstone - Pump Bump @ Burnside

Full frame of cover shot

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