Small Town Simpatico

Monday Cover Vol. 3 Issue 48 - Jeff Ament

Growing up in a small mid-American town in the 70’s and trying to get your skate on was a bit of a challenge. Skateboarder magazine, possibly a set of Rampage ramp plans and your personal ingenuity were your ticket to survival. So, how many folks out there built a Rampage ramp? How many cut it in half at the bottom and inserted some flat? How many cut it down and put it inside of a garage or other building so you could skate through the Winter months? Like so many of us, this week’s Monday Cover skater, Jeff Ament, shares those skate roots. Check out more pics of Jeff shredding it up after the turn.

Congratulations Jeff!

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Monday Cover Bonus - Vol. 3 Issue 48 - Jeff Ament

Bonus cover

Jeff - FS Grind @ Bass Bowl

Jeff styling a frontside grind.

Jeff - BS Carve Grind @ Bass Bowl

Friends on deck as Jeff grinds one out.

Jeff - FS Air @ Butte

Frontside air at Butte.

Jeff and Chris - Deck @ Bass Bowl

Chris and Jeff

Jeff - FS Air @ Bass Bowl

Fine tuning some air.

Jeff and Wally - Deck @ Bass Bowl

Wally and Jeff

Jeff - BS Carve Grind @ Butte

Coping check at Butte.

Jeff - FS Air (bonus cover) @ Bass Bowl

Full frame of bonus cover.

Jeff - FS Air (Monday Cover) @ Bass Bowl

Full frame of cover shot.

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