Wicked Pissa

Monday Cover Vol. 3 Issue 40 - Andy Macdonald

It’s a little known fact that Portland, Oregon was almost named Boston. It’s true and it came down to the flip of a coin. Speaking of Boston, this week’s Monday Cover skater and Bostonian, Andy Macdonald, took time out from the rigors of Dew-dom to skate Pier Park. And yeah, that frontside rock on the hip is wicked pissa. Check out more pics of Andy tearing it up after the turn.

Congratulations Andy!

Click on an image for a larger view.

Andy Macdonald - Threeler over Door @ Pier Park

Yep, he meant to do this. Andy getting a “threeler” over the door.

Andy Macdonald - Frontside Blunt on the Hip @ Pier Park

Upping the ante, mid-frontside blunt on the hip

Andy Macdonald - Frontside over the Door @ Pier Park

Up and over the door

Andy Macdonald - Frontside over the Door @ Pier Park

Another angle of Andy going frontside over the door

Andy Macdonald and Steve Grover - Clean Bowl @ Pier Park

Skaters with Michigan roots, Andy and Grover, team-up on bowl cleaning duties

Andy Macdonald - Frontside Rock on the Hip @ Pier Park

Full frame of cover photo

16 Responses to “Wicked Pissa”

  • i like blunts. the blunt should be the cover. nice shots man.

  • A “threeler” over the door? On purpose? Sick. I bet Swim thought so too.

  • FanBoy approves! Stylin’. (His fs rock sliders are cool too.) Andy is always super cool to chat with. Very laid back. Love to watch him skate. Calm Precision. Here’s a vid with him and Miller after the Dew tour in Louisville (year 2). (He had just placed 3rd.) It’s called “U can’t skeet none” because well, you can’t. (I’m the lead slam.)



  • Oh, Andy’s part starts at 1:18. And I apologize profusely for the shit youtube vid compression… Note that Andy’s last run (at 2:55) is one continuous shot…

  • Fucking Crazy! Dude has a mean front blunt.

  • DAMN!! those are fun

  • wow!! That front rock is stylin and that wheeler over the door is insane. I would love to see andy mac skate pier.

  • That skater is good and… HEY IS THAT JACK GROVER IN THE BACKGROUND????

    lol! Rad pics Rich!

  • For a guy that the mainstream skate media (Thrasher et al) seems to think is a kook, he sure rips.

  • what kilwag said! Also everytime I am at potrero I always see jake phelps there talking shit to little kids. See ya next week jake.

  • Any one who has a problem with Andy, would have a problem with any successful person which is what he is at most things he does. He can camp in my back yard anytime. He has always been nice to me since 1986 when he would summer in Michigan and show us new tricks. On another note how many zummiez ads or army adds are in Thrasher now.

  • There’s no room for nice guys who wear pads in skateboarding. Bad for the image.

  • You sure about that, Grover? If you value with Skate Wave, Wal-Mart, and his overall non-contribution to the richness of endemic skate culture then… okay.

    Physical ability shouldn’t be confused with discretion.

  • Can he still be a ripper, and a nice guy, even though he doesn’t contribute “to the richness of endemic skate culture”?… whatever that means.

  • Where in Michigan? Sk8d 86 to 96 out there Ann Arbor and detroit Metro area.


  • All over, milford wind wave wheels, traverse, ann arborramp and pool, flint, mason, okemos, campbells, ferguesons, there are more I just can not remember. yipsilanti hadleys, I am sure we skated together. I rode milford alot and the superstructure at www. Tom I love the skate parks and will help with any of them,but if the parks stop being built I will still skate just like I did when we made our own. I think Andy Gives back to the sport through exposure. I am not sure if he has a foundation like T-Hawk. All that being said I just enjoy skateing with him. Bloged out. Break over.

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