Houston, We Have Lift-Off

Monday Cover Vol. 3 Issue 28 - Matt Kline

Actually, Coos Bay, we have lift-off. This week’s Monday Cover skater, Matt Kline, likes to keep it above the lip. Case in point, this aggro backside air at the newly opened Coos Bay Skatepark. The smooth ‘crete and Tedder block make this park another skate-gem along the Oregon coast. Check out more pics of Matt killing it after the turn.

Congratulations Matt!

Click on an image for a larger view.

Matt - FS Air @ Coos Bay

Frontside poker

Matt - Egg Plant @ Coos Bay

Egg in your face

Matt - FS Grind @ Coos Bay

Right coast style gone left

Matt - Frontside Hip-to-Hip Air @ Coos Bay

Frontside hip-to-hip air

Matt - Lien to Tail @ Coos Bay

Lien to tail

Matt - BS Air @ Coos Bay

Full frame of the cover photo

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