Once, Twice, Three Times

Pier Park Cleanup - 2009

Well, the annual cleanup of Pier Park that includes the skatepark is in the bag, so to speak. Thanks to everyone that came out to help, the park looks great. Check out a few more snaps from today’s events after the turn.

Click on an image for a larger view.

Cleaning Crew @ Pier Park

Volunteers rolling on the paint

Grover and MC with Hose @ Pier Park

Grover and MC with a hose escort

Square Bowl and Pipe @ Pier Park

Square bowl and pipe

Round Bowl and Pipe @ Pier Park

Round bowl and pipe

Chris - RnR @ Pier Park

Chris stomps down a rock-n-roll

Shawn - FS Air @ Pier Park

Shawn plucks some air

MC - FS Invert @ Pier Park

Master of ceremonies, MC, testing the finish

4 Responses to “Once, Twice, Three Times”

  • Nice Work! “Anti-Tag”!

  • Sorry I couldn’t make it fellers. I ended up having to stay on the west side due to some family obligations. I’ll try to make it up by doing some extra trash removal and sweeping in the future.

    Speaking of painting the bowl, Benji G was at Pier last time I was, and he was concerned that the finish on the cement would start to deteriorate quickly if all of the exposed areas weren’t painted soon. He was thinking about organizing a painting/barbeque party to do the job.

    Any thoughts on this (other than Parks & Rec.. needing to be involved…)? I don’t know enough about long-term effects of rain/weather on smooth park surfaces to have an opinion, but I would think that Dreamland, Grindline, and the city would have some kind of maintenance plan for parks they build and skaters wouldn’t have to be concerned with stuff like this. Maybe not, though.

  • That big graf. piece in the shallow end didnt look too bad. It was distracting as hell when I was trying to skate there though.

  • I show up right after the fun is over. Blowin it. ha

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